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I have been a licensed clinical social worker for over thirty years,  and have worked in many modalities. I am certified in sex therapy, have trained as a therapist at the C.G. Jung Institute in Los Angeles, led groups using writing for personal growth as well as overcoming compulsive eating groups. I am a storyteller, writer and psychotherapist. As a psychotherapist I help my clients find meaning in the telling and retelling of their stories. As a writer, I delve deeply into my own personal and cultural history, and as a storyteller, I choose to tell stories that provide connection and give honor to my own feminine Jewish ancestry. I also write plays, and two of them have been performed in Los Angeles at the East-West Playhouse.

current offerings

In September I am starting a group based on my book. It is called More: A Hunger Group. It will be held weekly for an hour and a half. We will be focusing on wanting more and the hungers that are hidden behind the obsession with food. If you are interested in the group please either e-mail me or call me. 

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